Jewelry Plus is a small family owned business. Chris Brown began his journey in the fall of 1987 as an apprentice jeweler. In 1989, he advanced his career and opportunities with Accent Jewelers which was once located in Charlottesville, Virginia. For the next five years, he learned more techniques from fellow jewelers and honed his skills. During the five years at Accent, he grew from third bench jeweler to head jeweler and store manager. With the knowledge and experience gained with this opportunity, Jewelry Plus was born and formed in September of 1994. Jewelry plus opened in Staunton, Virginia, in October of 1994, his hometown.

   As with his beginnings in the jewelry trade, Jewelry Plus offered repairs and custom designs to both retail customers as well as wholesale customers, meaning other retail stores. For twenty-one years, Jewelry Plus has serviced many retail outlets from Harrisonburg to Charlottesville, Staunton to Lynchburg and Lexington to Covington! Their services have been spread across the Shenandoah Valley, whether directly or indirectly.

   Jewelry Plus began in 1994. And with the additional help from his wife, Alicia, the business went through a relocation in 1997. By the fall of 2000, Jewelry Plus transitioned to a predominately wholesale service for those other outlets. And in February of 2013, Jewelry Plus once again ventured into the world of retail to service the public more directly. For a little more than two years, Jewelry Plus continued to grow and reacquaint with the public and its needs. During this time, the desire to expand and focus primarily on the public, increased greatly. So when that opportunity had a chance to become a reality, Jewelry Plus has once again transitioned through another relocation. This time to Virginia Beach, and more specifically, Booth Hill Shopping Center.

   Jewelry Plus now looks forward to sharing its over 30 years of experience in jewelry making, designing and repairing with the Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and Hampton Roads markets. Come check out Jewelry Plus for a different kind of jewelry experience!